Europe is doing well, but it doesn’t make it any easier for her – DOS


February 14, 2023, 09:15 – BLiTZ – News Europe, without Russian gas and other types of fuel, easily and pleasantly survived the cold period. So say many who like to slander the Russian Federation, writes RIA Novosti columnist Sergei Savchuk.

However, the European community has spent record sums to pay off the consequences of the abandonment of Russian energy resources. For example, Germany has spent 270 billion dollars to cope with not the most severe winter.

Britain also spent about 103 billion dollars for these purposes. What can we say about Norway, which has its own resources, even if this country spent 8.1 billion dollars.

To stop the growth of retail electricity prices, a money printing press was also launched, the observer recalls. Such tactics help to skip a difficult period, but not to build far-reaching development strategies.

“It will soon be a year since the start of the special military operation, and the Russian economy, which is being furiously shot with hundreds of Western sanctions guns, looks clearly preferable to the same Europe and the United States,” Savchuk said.

Earlier, the chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen, called his support for Nord Stream 2 a mistake. Indeed, at the time of 2015, Russian gas was considered the best alternative as a transitional energy carrier. Read more about the incident in the BLiTZ article.


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