The Russians told how much they are willing to spend on gifts on Valentine’s Day


Husbands in Russia are willing to spend an average of 4,000 rubles on a gift for their wives on Valentine’s Day. On February 12, Izvestia was told about this in the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs based on the results of a survey.

According to a study conducted among the economically active population, unmarried men in Russia pledge about 3.9 thousand rubles for a gift. Women tend to spend 2.2 thousand rubles if they are married, and 2.5 thousand rubles if they are not. .

Most of all, they are ready to spend on gifts in Moscow. In the capital, men can allocate 4,300 rubles to their wives or 4,000 to their girlfriends. Women spend 2.5 thousand rubles for their husbands and 2.7 thousand rubles for their boyfriends. Next in descending order of high cost of gift sets are St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk.

The survey also showed that every fifth Russian is ready to give gifts on Valentine’s Day. Basically, signs of attention are given to spouses (10%), lovers (4%), children (2%), parents and relatives (1% each).

The researchers noted that over the past four years, the holiday began to lose popularity. Compared to 2022, the number of those who want to give a gift has decreased by 13%, and in four years it has halved.

Earlier, on February 10, psychologist Galina Rusnak told why men should not be congratulated on Valentine’s Day. In particular, according to her, it can irritate them. According to her, the situation can worsen even more if a man is congratulated, and he forgets about this holiday or does not want to congratulate his soulmate.


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