Object shot down over Canada was unmanned, followed for a day – News


February 12, 2023, 04:18 – BLiTZ – News The object struck in Canadian airspace was operated by remote control. Representatives of the local armed forces followed him for more than a day. This information was shared by the United States Administration after the dialogue between the leader of the country, Joseph Biden, and the head of the Canadian government, Justin Trudeau.

“President Biden had a conversation with Prime Minister Trudeau earlier today about an unidentified unmanned object in North American airspace,” the statement said.

Representatives of the American side pointed to the fact that, based on the point of view of specialists in the military sphere, politicians approved the defeat of the object. The operation itself was carried out by the United States F-22 multirole fighter.

During the dialogue, the leaders of the two countries drew attention to the need to analyze the parts left over from the drone, which will make it possible to find out what function it performed and by whom it was launched.

Recall that the head of the Canadian government, Justin Trudeau, pointed to the fact that the military personnel of the country’s armed forces and their counterparts of the United States shot down an object that was seen in the airspace of the power with the help of military aviation.

The politician pointed to the fact that, as part of this issue, he phoned the leader of the United States, Joseph Biden. Read more on the topic in the material of the BLiTZ.


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