Kerry Adler and SkyPower exosed!


Notorious fraudster and terrorist Kerry Adler has been following thousands of people for many years with the false identity of being a billionaire and CEO of SkyPower “world largest solar power generation company”. He even did not hesitate in meeting several heads of state and heads of government giving them false promises of investing billions of dollars. But everything he said and has been saying are blatant lies.

Sitting at his residence somewhere in the United Arab Emirates, which he found as a safe haven for continuing his fraudulent, criminal and terrorist activities, Kerry Adler has been copying a notorious conman named Anthony Ritossa. Readers can Google ‘Anthony Ritossa’ to know how dangerous this man is. By the way, Anthony Ritossa too has found a safe haven in the United Arab Emirates, although there are warrants of arrest against him in the United States. Kerry Adler’s son Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler has been also active in the world of fraud, while he has been copying FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) and cheating innocent people in the United Arab Emirates and the world. He has been cheating people through his scam venture named ‘ConvrtX’. Although SBF has earned higher degree from a prestigious institution in the US, Josh Adler has been making false claim of holding a Masters degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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At his residence in the UAE, Kerry Adler spends his spare time in reading books such as ‘Contrepreneurs: Stock Market Fraud and Money Laundering in Canada’, written by Diane Francis; ‘Catch Me If You Can’, written by Frank Abagnale Jr with Stan Redding’; ‘How To Read A Person Like A Book’ written by Gerard I. Nierenberg and Henry H. Caledo, amongst others.

Rachel Bellissimo and Kerry Adler: Partners in crime

‘Catch Me If You Can’ is loosely based on the real con artistry exploits of Frank Abagnale. It is written in the first person and describes how Abagnale cashed US$2.5 million worth of bad checks. He assumed various jobs, such as pretending to be a Pan Am pilot, a doctor, a teacher, and an attorney. Abagnale was eventually caught by the FBI while living in France and served approximately five years in prison—six months in France, six months in Europe, and four years in the United States. The book ends with an epilogue telling the story of Abagnale’s final capture and his rehabilitation, which resulted in the creation of his security firm.

While reading these books, Kerry Adler learns numerous ways and tricks of cheating people while pretending as a billionaire. In reality, Kerry Adler is not a billionaire at all. He though owns a house at the north of Toronto in Canada in Friday Harbor at 3759 Maple Grove Road Innisfil, ON L9S 3B1, Ontario, Canada –  he lives in a rented property at 20 Sandringham Dr North York, ON M5M 3G3, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He obtained a driving license number A1842-43236-50512, which was issued on May 29, 2020 and was valid until May 12, 2021. His DDI reference number is GR9297462. According to the driving license, his height is 183 cm. Kerry Adler even told courts in Ontario that he does not have any house in Canada to live except for the rented house at 20 Sandringham Dr North York, ON M5M 3G3, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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In Canada, Kerry Adler’s signing authority for all his bank accounts in Toronto is a female named Rachel Bellissimo (now Rachel Ramos). Her Canadian passport number is AA539474, which was issued on January 26, 2017 and is valid until January 26, 2027. Rachel Bellissimo’s driving license number is B2402-63788-75710, which was issued on June 17, 2016 and valid until July 19, 2021. DDI reference number is DN1128434 and her height is 150 cm.

According to a credible source, Rachel Bellissimo alias Rachel Ramos is Kerry Adler’s “partner in crime”, where she takes care of his criminal and terrorist activities, as well as his transactions with transnational money laundering rackets, drug cartels and Ukrainian mafias and oligarchs. Through Rachel Bellissimo alias Rachel Ramos, Kerry Adler reportedly also maintains connections with Colombian and Mexican cartels.

By the way, Kerry Adler has started hiding from social media. Following publication of reports in Blitz, he has already closed his Twitter account.


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