New York Weekly removes content about Josh Adler


Following publication on an investigative report on January 29, 2023 exposing a scammer named Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler, son of notorious fraudster and terrorist Kerry Adler, the New York Weekly has removed their article titled ‘Josh Adler is a disruptive force in the realm of tech startups’, which was published on June 15, 2022.

But surprisingly, Khaleej Times, a leading English newspaper in the United Arab Emirates and The Arabian Business have not yet removed their sponsored posts which were published praising the scammer Josh Adler and his fraudulent ConvrtX.

It may be mentioned here that newspapers in the UAE are infamous for giving publicity to dubious individuals, including scammers, fraudsters (including crypto frauds), illegal casino operators, gangsters and even terrorists in exchange of payments.

On his LinkedIn profile, Joshua Adler aka Josh Adler who is running a company named ‘ConvrtX’ from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates says, he “comes from a line of problem solvers and change makers – his family built several companies, including Sitel, Webhelp and Skypower, which are valued at more than $20B and created over 250,000 jobs across the world. Adler is committed to fostering innovation and fueling job-creating ventures that continue to make a positive impact”.

The LinkedIn profile further says, “Adler grew up in Toronto and attended the University of Toronto before studying cyber security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His commitment to supporting startups was born out of his own experiences: ConvrtX is the fourth startup Adler has founded. Adler recently launched Open Advisor, a platform aimed at creating an inclusive network to support founders globally, with a focus on championing founders in developing nations. He also serves as an advisor to over 25 startups and is in the process of launching a startup fund”.

Josh Adler on his social media accounts and on the website claims that the office of ConvrtX is located at Index Tower in Dubai, while it mentions a Canadian phone number +1-888-979-7510.

Most interestingly, our reporters did not find existence of any company named ‘ConvrtX’ in Dubai. It is not registered with the Dubai or UAE authorities. While despite the fact that Joshua Adler claims “his family built several companies, including Sitel, Webhelp and Skypower, which are valued at more than US$20B and created over 250,000 jobs across the world”, on the website of Sitel and Webhelp, there is no physical address or phone number or any information about people behind these companies. Skypower website gives a contact information as follows:

Skypower, Global, Headquarters, Commerce Court, 44th Floor, 199 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5L 1E9, Phone +1-416-979-4635. Email [email protected]. ‘Commerce Court’ is a 57 storied building housing hundreds of companies and several financial institutions. Here is the website of Commerce Court.

Our reporters did not find existence of any company named ‘Skypower’ in this property. We sent an email on January 29, 2023 to Commerce Court asking about existence of ‘Skypower’ in that property, which remains unanswered until filing of this report.

On January 29, 2023 we have also sent an email to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) asking if they had any student name Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler. Until filing this report, we did not get any response.

In the UAE, Josh Adler’s father Kerry Adler, a notorious fraudster and terrorist has been pretending to be a billionaire and been trying to lure mostly wealthy Arabs into his fraudulent business traps.

On September 15, 2022, there was a report in this newspaper about a scam cartel in Dubai, where we found Kerry Adler being a member of that fraud racket.

In September 2015, Bangladeshi media published a report about Kerry Adler stating he was going to invest US$4.3 billion in solar power sector in Bangladesh. These news items termed Skypower Global as “one of the world’s largest and most successful utility-scale solar power producing companies” and Kerry Adler as the “president and CEO of the Canada-based multinational company”.

Seven years have already passed since Kerry Adler met Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Hotel Waldorf Astoria in the US, but there has been nothing onwards. Even, Kerry Adler’s promised 1.50 million home lanterns as donation to Bangladesh had never arrived.

Seeking anonymity, a highly-placed source in Bangladesh told this correspondent, “Kerry Adler is a fraud and conman. Although he claims to be a billionaire, in reality he is just a fraud, who tried to extort millions of dollars from Bangladesh authorities under the false pretense of investing. Everything was simple blank words and false promises from Kerry Adler and his scam venture Skypower”.

Kerry Adler is active on LinkedIn, where he has put his company’s location as Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with no mention about its any existence in Canada. Although Kerry Adler pretends to be a billionaire and his company ‘Skypower’ as the largest in the world, he runs the one man show alone, with no real staffs.

Following publication of our reports exposing Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler and fraudulent activities of Kerry Adler, on January 2, 2023 Kerry Adler assigned a gang of terrorists and cyberterrorists to destroy this newspaper. Within hours of publication of this report, an individual named ‘John Wick’ using Gmail sent an email stating:

Hi my friend,

We blocked your website 30 minutes before, and blocked again now. If you don’t delete this news from your website, we will do this all day.

Delete this link and new from your website, so we don’t block again and again.

Within less than 15 minutes the same person sent the same email, and again after another 15 minutes.

Then almost after 30 minutes, the same person sent the following email:

We blocked your website 30 minutes before, and blocked again now. If you don’t delete this news from your website, we will do this all day.

Delete this link and new from your website, so we don’t block again and again.



Again after 15 minutes, the same person sent the above message and then continued sending after every 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, our site engineers said, there were several DDoS attacks attempts on Blitz site by the terrorist gang members of Kerry Adler.

According to information, Kerry Adler (Kerry Evan Adler), born on May 12, 1965 is a Canadian citizen of Polish descent. His passport number HP-169409 was issued in Toronto on December 14, 2017 and is valid until December 14, 2022. It is unknown if he has renewed the passport from the United Arab Emirates, as he is currently living in that country with other members of his family.

Meanwhile, on February 3, 2023, EU Reporter in an article said:

According to series of reports, a large number of criminals, crypto frauds, scammers, illegal casino operators, money-launderer and terrorists are enjoying absolute impunity in Dubai and other cities in the United Arab Emirates. It detailed the cases of Kerry AdlerDan SettgastJosh AdlerZuzana UchnárováIlman ShazhaevJorge SebastiaoMru PatelKamil Grund and many others.

Meanwhile, sitting in the United Arab Emirates, Kerry Adler even had assigned members of his terrorist gang in waging cyber-terror attack targeting Blitz for the exposing his dubious activities. It may be mentioned here that, DDoS attacks are considered a serious crime by the law enforcement agencies in the world, which could result in a prison sentence of up to 10 years. As Kerry Adler is a Canadian citizen and currently residing in the United Arab Emirates, authorities in both the countries can initiate legal actions against him for executing DDoS attack on a newspaper. It may be further stated here that, for more than two decades, Blitz has been fighting religious extremism, militancy, terrorist acts, corruption and crimes committed by various individuals, groups and nations.

According to at least two sources which sought to remain unnamed, Kerry Adler and his son Josh Adler are in the United Arab Emirates as they have been in contact with Ukrainian mafias, oligarchs and dark-money holders, while they are having connections with the drug trafficking rings operated by Lebanese Hezbollah and Afghan drug-lords.

Unfortunately, although the terrorist activities of Kerry Adler have already been brought into attention of authorities in the UAE, there is no visible action yet against this dangerous man.

How a terrorist like Kerry Adler remains untouched in the UAE?

Expressing utter surprise an EU journalist told this correspondent, “Launching DDoS attacks targeting a newspaper site is clearly an act of terrorism. In this case, Kerry Adler is a terrorist or a terror don. As his terrorist acts have already been proved black-and-white, it is a matter of great surprise that the UAE authorities have not yet arrested him. If the UAE authorities want to prove themselves as concubines of terrorists, fraudsters, gangsters and scammers and let the world know their country as the land of no law, then they will let Kerry Adler continue his terrorist acts in the UAE. Otherwise, tomorrow’s newspaper should bear a news titled ‘Kerry Adler attested on charges of terrorism’.



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