Qatari Al Jazeera glorifies the killer of 7 Israeli citizen


Qatari terror-broadcast network Al Jazeera has released a video glorifying the Palestinian terrorist who had killed 7 innocent Israelis in a synagogue on the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance. Meanwhile, mother of this terrorist was seen distributing sweets and chanting “Allahu Akbar” slogan in the streets. And according to media reports, mother of the terrorist onwards will continue receiving US$3,500 per month as part of Palestinian project named “Pay to Slay”.

On January 29, 2023, Al Jazeera published another report stating:

Israel has sealed off the home of a Palestinian man who killed seven people outside a synagogue in occupied East Jerusalem, in a preliminary step ahead of the expected demolition of the building.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet took steps towards approving other punitive measures against the families of Palestinian attackers, including potentially stripping them of citizenship rights and deporting them, and promising to expedite gun licenses for Israeli citizens to shoot Palestinians.

The moves by Israel, along with escalating violence that has seen 34 Palestinians killed this month alone, further raised tensions as United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken landed in the region. Blinken’s high-wire diplomatic act, focused largely on restoring calm, begins on Monday after he completes a brief visit to Egypt.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli police sealed up the occupied East Jerusalem home of Palestinian Khairy Alqam, 21, who killed seven people and wounded three outside a synagogue on Friday night. Alqam was killed in a shootout with Israeli officers.

Israeli police released footage of army engineers welding metal plates over the windows of Alqam’s family home and welding the front door shut.

“We sealed the home of the terrorist who carried out the horrendous attack in Jerusalem, and his home will be demolished,” Netanyahu told his cabinet.

“We are not seeking an escalation, but we are prepared for any scenario. Our answer to terrorism is a heavy hand and a strong, swift and precise response”.

The planned demolition is among a series of punitive steps, including plans to “strengthen” its occupied West Bank settlements, announced by Israel in the wake of recent shootings.

Netanyahu’s office also said the government would seal the family home of a 13-year-old Palestinian boy who shot two Israelis on Saturday. The boy’s victims were both badly wounded.

Israel routinely demolishes the homes of Palestinians who kill Israelis, a move that has long been decried by human rights organizations as collective punishment…

 Meanwhile, Indian newspaper Hindustan Times has published a video report showing Palestinians celebrating the murder of innocent Israeli citizen. Meanwhile, Sky News in a report said, “Palestinian militants ‘ready to die’ as prospect of all-out war increases”.

Kehilla Community Synagogue, which is located at 1300 Grand Avenue, Piedmont, CA 94610, USA on its website says:

“The recently-formed Chavurah for a Free Palestine is a group of Kehilla members who oppose Zionism and support Palestinian liberation. We join people across the world in solidarity with Palestine and in support of the 2005 Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS). We offer resources and opportunities at Kehilla to engage in discussion, to further understanding of the impacts of Zionism, and to participate in Palestine solidarity activism.

“In collaboration with local, national, and international groups, we participate in events, actions, and campaigns in support of Palestinian movements for freedom and justice”.

It further says: “The State of Israel claims to represent a “humanistic” response to the historical and ongoing reality of antisemitism. The world increasingly recognizes this hypocrisy, understanding the State of Israel for what it is: a violent, oppressor state, based on a racial hierarchy that subjects Palestinian people to Jewish supremacy, while also subjecting many different Jewish peoples to a violent racial hierarchy–with Ashkenazi or white Jewish people at the pinnacle”.

According to information, this organization is sending fund to Palestinian terrorists for buying weapons and explosive and for implementing terrorist attacks inside Israel.


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