Thanks to the enfeebled Biden ensemble of appeasers and defeatists


Thanks to the enfeebled Biden ensemble of appeasers and defeatists, the US is, once again, under severe challenge by the transoceanic, totalitarian power. Writes Valerie Sobel

First, a confession. I am a Jew to the last hair follicle. Every single one of my ancestors was Jewish for at least 4-5,000 years (DNA). Neither your bejeweled evergreens nor your lawn nativity scenes slight or convert me in the slightest. Without a morsel of doubt, I know you’re not about to throw me in the ghetto when you toss “Merry Christmas!” my way. So how about we stop with that “Happy Holidays!” bullcrap, already?!

December 26 marks the 30th anniversary of the disintegration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. China has risen to take the place of USSR, which itself replaced the Nazi German Third Reich as the principal rival to western democracy. Thanks to the enfeebled Biden ensemble of appeasers and defeatists, the US is, once again, under severe challenge by the transoceanic, totalitarian power.

If standing up for your sanity burns a bridge, I have matches. We ride at dawn.

Normalize telling your true friends you love them. Tell them a lot. Make it weird.

When Karl Marx and comrades couldn’t understand why proletariat ideas weren’t becoming popular with German society, they blamed culture, nuclear family, and religion. We’ve been here before; open history books.

Patience is a virtue until it’s expected of you by others. Then it’s a disability.

Why has the epicentre of wokeness, Columbia University, not revoked it’s name? Why has it not become “Indigenous University”? (Hint: …$$!)

Chew on this: Columbia U was the very birthplace of American Marxism and Political Correctness in the 1920s. The poison spread through academia as a slow burn at first. But here we are…

About Circleback Psaki. According to a dictionary, her last name means and I quote, “a large, often painful, blood-filled shit”. Just sayin’.

I’d pay a cool $1K to watch Sebastian Maniscalco do Andrew Cuomo for 5 minutes. I’d add a zero to watch him do “Andrew Cuomo & Cell Buddies” for 5 minutes more.

Passion may last a week, a year or five. But the finish line is only possible by shared values from the exact same page.

The real damage is done by those who want to survive. Those for whom honor, truth and principles are only literature.

If you’re a centrist, you’re hardly a peacemaker. You’ve simply sunk into a La-z-boy; the seat of bougie comfort, minimal scrutiny, and next to nothing mental effort.

Granted, “Yellowstone” is a great cinematic achievement with notable acting, phenomenal direction and a limitless Costner budget. Beth is a Goddess and her 44 year-old Kelly Reilly will be, undoubtedly, the next highest paid actress in Hollyweird. But to miss the plethora of leftist subtext and subplots in the script – one must be deaf, dumb and blind. Watch and listen attentively, critically and between the lines.

A statement “men can birth babies” can only be uttered by double majors with graduate degrees and six digit salaries.

The only “busy” busy-enough for “Sorry, I was too busy” is when you’re dead and not so busy at all.

The meaning of life is never found in happiness but in purpose and responsibility. And in a tonsils-smoldering salsa.

The left specializes in creating chaos. They invented Piss Christ, splatter paint “masterpieces”, the word “turd” (post a major NYC exhibit), and men who breastfeed. The only thing I have in common with all conservatives is common sense. And that’s enough.

It’s 2021, sanity is in short supply but irreversible damage is mind-blowing. In the endless pursuit of “fair”, women are now forced to compete with trans “women” (genetically born males with permanently stronger bone density & muscle mass) in all contact sports, even at the Olympics. A severe physical assault on women’s health, not to mention civil rights. In the endless pursuit of “fair”, the State of Oregon did away with all academic standards in mathematics, language and sciences to accommodate migrant children. A severe assault on every child’s cognitive and social development. Feminist groups are silent. Child advocacy groups are silent. Parents are silent. Culture is silent. Degradation complete.

Maturity has nothing to do with age or experience. Maturity is a function of emotional intelligence.

The most degenerative statement of 2021: “I don’t know anyone who died of Covid. It’s a scheme.” My reply is, “ I hear ya. I don’t know anyone who died of the Holocaust. Enough with all the schemes already.”

The 2nd most degenerative statement of 2021: “I don’t know anyone who died of Covid. They died of preconditions.” My reply is, “I hear ya. I don’t know anyone who died of the Holocaust, either. They died of preconditions – hunger, gas inhalation and old age.”

The international left was completely crushed in the Cold War and quickly slithered into a tight crevasse. Or so we thought. With unsuspected powers of improvisation, the snake spontaneously returned as the champion of environmentalism. If capitalism could not be defeated by an inferior economic system (Marxism), it now finds itself in mortal combat with battery & paper straw lovers (still unaware of the production process) in a holy assault on capitalism – all under the “noble” umbrella of “the future of the planet”.

The insane and the absurd keep me sane.

There is no shame in changing course. An average person changes careers four times in his/her lifetime. Staying stagnant on the same stale path is a sign of considerable lazy, financial luxury and absence of all nerve.

Being apolitical is far from honorable. It’s akin to choosing to be brain-dead. It’s also the sole perk of having no children.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…but only if the root is a solid source of enlightenment and meaningful guidance. Sustenance has nothing to do with it.

Blind piousness isn’t proprietary to liturgy only. In the arena of politics, unquestioned adherence to popular set of ideas is just as sacrosanct but immediately more destructive to society at large.

Don’t ask. Don’t offer. Do.

Political Correctness is the 1st article of neo-liberalism; it’s where cowards find their voice, their worth and their purpose. And because no other education stuck. But mostly because collective PC is a gang with much bigger fists than lone individuality.

Some days it seems like there’s just no one there for you. You know who’s there for you? Laundry. Laundry is always there for you.

We used to cringe at the teleprompter-reading President. Now we’ll settle for one that can stand upright without soiling his pants, reading be damned.

If ignorance is bliss, than not knowing history is the perfect hallucination.

Falling deeper in love: Dennis Prager, classical pianist, composer, orchestra conductor, fluent in Russian. Who knew?

It’s easier to dig up respect for an indoctrinated leftist than a bendable centrist whose only goal is not to piss anyone of and come out unscathed.

Allowing someone to ride your coattails isn’t compassion. It’s an auspicious construction of Pavlovian codependency.

Doctors are not in the health industry. Theirs is the business of pathology. The business of health is yours and yours alone. Don’t relinquish control of it to pill pushers.

The Cold War and the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. were the grandest and most bloodless strategic victories in the history of the world. The greatest consequence of both is the triumph of capitalism throughout the globe, particularly in China and Russia. This best unrivalled system organically lifts countries out of poverty and incentivizes fair competition peacefully. And it is, categorically, the only macroeconomic format that is congruent with universal human ambition to have more and better.

If you’re harmless and agreeable – you’re not good, you’re weak. Virtue lies in strength, formidable control of it, and the execution of the same when necessary.

The only people stomping on democracy are the gaggle who’ve never known anything but democracy.

Puppy kisses cure everything.

Jew-hatred has been shouted from every pulpit, religious and otherwise, in every corner of the globe. But only when spewed by policy makers and elected politicians does this disease pivot from tolerated poison to authoritative, lethal, everyday normal. That’s the line of danger UK’s Labour Party and US Democratic Party have inflicted on diaspora Jews. Check out current crime statistics.

“The really gifted people survive anything. They’re destined . It’s biological.”

_ Seymour Bernstein, Pianist, Pedagogue, Composer, Author, veteran of the Korean War.

The transformation has been fast and furious: “coming out” now refers to the revelation that one is a Christian.

The moral code was never made up of words. Deeds are its only content.

Human identity is a social construct, individually selected irrespective of biology – is the preferred pseudo-science of the left. For one reason and one reason only: if your human matter is negotiable and learned, than they can teach, preach, reshape and control you straight into their mold. And they have.

The most hollow, over-used, abused, ambiguous and pithy word of 2021. No, of the century…“Inspiration”. With all of its frilly derivatives – it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

The most joyless phrase of 2021. No, of the century: “Happy ______, to all who celebrate!”. Deliberate exclusion of common sense and establishment of the lowest cognitive bar to accommodate plebeians, snowflakes and the woke.

“Welcome in.” …

Shameless abuse of English grammar, now adopted by every retail clerk in North America. Cringe-worthy.

For the first time in history, no one in the world knows, with any degree of certainty, who the real President of The United States is.

Get the vaccine, don’t get the vaccine. I could care less. Just don’t sprint to the hospital ahead of cancer patients to claim a hospital bed when push comes to shove in a healthcare scram, if you’re the latter. In case your oxygen levels drop suddenly, breathe slowly and remind yourself – it’s a false positive, it’s only the sniffles, and you don’t have any preconditions.

Don’t do for adult dependents what they should do for themselves: you undermine their competence and dilute their already scant autonomy.

Psychiatry and mini poodles are not interchangeable. Psychiatry is yet to be appointment-free, drug-free and on call 24/7. (And it ain’t the cuddling type, couch or no couch!)

Wokeness- being offended for others in order to gain control and power over them. Armored with false virtue, this latest brainchild of neo-liberalism calls on leftists to inflict maximum cruelty on those unwilling to subscribe.

In 2021, under poopy pants Biden, US Labour productivity saw the largest decline since the 1960’s because of the mammoth handout of cash. This free money, courtesy of those who create, innovate, produce, employ and take on exuberant risk, was the greatest heist perpetuated by any American Administration in history.

Fulfillment doesn’t stem from an easy ride. It’s a trophy for having had the courage to undertake a difficult journey. (Or piss people off who take offense at something said about Covid in a post.)

“Covid alone gave the Democrats the opportunity they needed to terrorize the population and deprive Trump of what appeared to be his probable re-election.

The Biden administration has made complete shambles of every policy area: immigration, inflation, Covid, crime, and the unprecedented and shameful debacle in Afghanistan. It is increasingly obvious that either Mr. Trump or a candidate supported by him and endorsing most of his policies will be elected in 2024, and the renovation of America will resume.”_ Conrad Black

Dr. Benjamin Spock said we shouldn’t spank our children when they misbehave, because their little personalities would be warped and we might damage their self-esteem. Dr. Spock’s son committed suicide.

Truth is offensive. Facts are lethal. Statistics are criminal. If your moods swing left. If your mind swings left – these offensives are intrinsically fascist. Not to mention racist.

The ultimate goal of PC is wealth redistribution. How? Alter your lexicon, induce fragmentation and victimhood, install censorship, fein egalitarianism while overseeing an entirely supremacist hierarchy, race hustle, claim reassigned power to control culture and means of production. In that order and with excessive brainwash of the educated fools by international academia, right from their very first day in that den of leftist indoctrination. Abracadabra! – Wealth redistribution!

Socrates was chased out of town by the Athenians; in their view he was corrupting the youth with the truth. Leftists may not know history nor care for the truth, but they sure as hell know censorship directly from antiquity.

If you can’t reconcile words with actions, always tally up the latter.

The most apolitical issue of the day is COVID. Yet it is the only fruit the extremes of both sides can’t stop devouring politically.

Name one commercial where the white guy isn’t stupid or naive or clueless standing next to a black person? …I’ll wait.

If you think the masses are controlled by social media, you’ve never listened to MSM. If you think the masses are controlled by MSM, you’ve never followed MSM founders’, board members’ and executives’ donation dollars. The masses are controlled by ideology of the left presiding over legislative assemblies in a perfectly designed dominos game. Media is but their double-six set.

It’s better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you’re pretending to be.

Over 37M American adults live alone in 2021. Only 50% live with a spouse today compared to 87% in the 1960s. It’s worse in Europe. Among the 130 million households in the US, only 17.8% are married parents with children, down from over 40% in 1970. Liberalism and progress working arm in arm, diligently. If you still wonder why everyone needs a psychiatrist, you need a psychiatrist.

In 2019, China unleashed its fourth and most lethal plague that killed over 5M people around the world to date. The communist regime did so by covering it up and refusing to close its borders. Here’s an idea: let’s reward China by having the entire world show up on its front door for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics! Apparently “Made in China” needs a pocket boost and we can’t possibly pummel our export revenue by moving the contest elsewhere. The mighty buck, the WHO, the athletes, the IOC, and the sleepy, drippy, tippy Joe…all on their knees in front of the red Altar.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. A man who never reads lives only one. “_ George R. R. Martin

Liberal moral authorities, in order to sham biological men as female, are promoting the phrase “people who menstruate” to refer to women. Not only to downgrade the definition of womanhood but to also detach it from any and all uniquely female functions of the body. Scottish police now records rapes as being carried out by a woman if the perpetrator “identifies as female”. In the words of J.K. Rowling, “the penised individual who raped you is a woman.” Lecturers are now advancing “A more human and inclusive LGBTQ approach to Mathematics”. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Ugly is beautiful. Merit is privilege. Black is white and 2 + 2 = 22. Human progress on steroids so astronomical we couldn’t possibly dig a hole deep enough to bury our degradation in.

Never find solace in settling.

The only SNL episode that stands any chance of raising the unfunny show’s tanking ratings is where Donald Trump plays Alec Baldwin.

Greatest book purchase of 2021: “Vanished World” by Roman Vishniac.

The Cuomos are unemployed. Nick Sandman is a $850M man with 13 more lawsuits pending. De Blasio is out to pasture. Rittenhouse is free and about to collect big. Chris Wallace – goooooood riddance! Smollett won’t see another subway sandwich for years. Kaepernick has been idle for 2129 days 7 hours and 33 minutes. Baldwin cast himself as his own caricature, in perpetuity. Trump’s new book rendered all past New York Times No. 1 bestsellers paltry. Cackling Kamala is still not your President. If that’s not worth a little “Lets Go Brandon!”, I don’t know what is.

Wasting time is the greatest indulgence. (this post attests to that, fully.)


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who celebrate and especially to those who don’t.


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