Dubai royals’ security compromised


The latest case of video statement of Dubai’s Princess Latifa, which she claims to have been secretly recorded inside the toilet in a “villa jail”, should be taken seriously by the authorities in Dubai, as the matter clearly proves – security of the members of the Dubai royal family has been seriously compromised and it may lead to unexpected consequences, including assassination of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

BBC has claimed to have verified the location of Princess Latifa in Dubai as well as the authenticity of the video statement.

Commenting on the video message of Princess Latifa, a senior intelligence official of a Middle-Eastern country, on condition of anonymity said: “As Princess Latifa has claimed in the video that she was locked inside a ‘villa jail’ – guarded by 30 guards, anyone having minimum knowledge on security issues would ask – how the princess could determine the number of guards within her ‘villa jail’ compound? She could only see the security arrangements, once she is not locked inside a room and allowed to freely roam into the entire compound”.

“The second question regarding the video message is even much serious, which would only be a matter of grave concern for the members of the Dubai royal family. If Princess Latifa is really locked inside a ‘villa jail’, it would be more than impossible for anyone to anyhow slip a mobile phone to her and let her use it for communicating with people in other countries. Moreover, Tiina Jauhiainen has claimed to have been in contact with Princess Latifa from early 2019 to end of the same year. Is it possible for anyone to secretly use a mobile phone for months, when that person is under strict surveillance of those dozens of security personnel? Is it possible for any of the female members of the royal family to live in a ‘villa jail’ being only surrounded by male security staffs, and not being watched by the under-cover members of the intelligence agency? I don’t want to believe – this video was directly transmitted via WhatsApp or any communication app. It must have been previously recorded by someone – most possibly by Princess Haya bint al-Hussein before she fled Dubai” the official said.

The intelligence official further said, “Hypnotically if we believe, this video was directly sent by Princess Latifa from a so-called villa jail, anyone would question – how and who had passed this phone to the princess. This is not a very small issue. Authorities in Dubai should immediately investigate the entire matter and find the culprit, if Princess Latifa had really sent the video message herself”.

A large number of security experts are saying – this particular case of video message from Princess Latifa evidently proves – security of the Dubai royals has been seriously compromised. They believe, some influential figure must have been behind the matter. It could be even Princess Haya, who might know lots of people in the intelligence agency in Dubai. Whatever may be the conclusion of the investigation, it is already proved – security within the royal palaces and villas in Dubai are totally compromised, which can even lead to much dangerous consequence, including assassination of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

They said, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has now several enemies, including Princess Haya as well as her contacts inside Hamas. She may even get help from rival nations of the United Arab Emirates, such as Iran, while Qatar may even meddle into the matter.

Senior security and intelligence officials in the UAE should not take the matter lightly. They need to initiate immediate investigation into the matter. At the same time, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum may scrutinize members of the security staffs around him and the royal palaces.


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