Joe Biden’s affection for notorious Houthis terrorists


Joe Biden has reversed another heavily criticized policy from the Trump administration and the decision has been praised as helping to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. His administration said that it was planning to remove Yemen’s notorious Houthis from the terrorist blacklist. Houthis are backed by Iranian regime.

Freeing notorious Houthis from terrorist blacklist by the US president is seen as terror-patron Iranian mullah regime’s victory, which signals Joe Biden’s policy of empowering Iran at the cost of peace in the Middle East.

According to media reports, terrorist Houthi militias continue to target Saudi Arabia, threatening the Kingdom’s security and stability with ballistic missiles and drones aimed at residential areas as well as civilian airports. Iranian-backed militias have always played this role on behalf of Tehran. They have been undermining security and stability in the region and beyond for four decades. Today, however, they possess greater destructive powers because of a terrorist network that is now present in more than one Arab country. The increased threat is that Iranian-sponsored militias, including the Houthis in Yemen, now possess Iranian weapons.

Commenting on Joe Biden’s decision of freeing Houthis from terrorist blacklist, a Middle East expert said: the situation will be most embarrassing for the Biden administration if it does not take the initiative in confronting the Iranian regime’s aggressive actions and if it makes concessions, such as lifting economic sanctions, which is what concerns Iranian leader Ali Khamenei. Iranian officials have expressed openly that they do not want to review or amend the nuclear agreement unless Washington backs down from its sanctions.

It is imperative to remember, that the Houthis’ most recent targeting of Riyadh was met with widespread international condemnation, including from the US. If such condemnation had been directed at the Houthis and Tehran when they launched their first ballistic missile and first drone, the danger from Tehran and the militia would not have increased in the region. Their actions would not even have advanced to disrupting international navigation.

In my opinion, Joe Biden should continue the designation of the Houthis as a terrorist group, which can play effective role in finding a real solution to the Yemeni crisis. At the same time, Washington needs to refrain from showing any sign of listening to Iran’s unjustified demands.

There is no solution to the Yemen crisis except through a real and effective response to the Houthis, as was the case with Islamic State. If that happens, security and stability in Yemen, and in the rest of the region, will be restored. Otherwise, Iran’s nefarious agenda of establishment dominance in the Middle East and beyond cannot be stopped.


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